Ceres Roadmap 360° Acknowledgements

Ceres would like to acknowledge the following people for their leadership and contributions to the development of the Ceres Roadmap 360º:

Lead Authors

  • Leonardo J. DeLuca, Senior Manager, Company Network, Ceres
  • Katya Simkhovich, Manager, Company Network, Ceres

Contributing Authors

  • Dan Saccardi, Program Director, Company Network, Ceres
  • Mary Ann Ormond, Senior Director, Company Network, Ceres
  • Brian Sant, Senior Digital Director, Marketing, Ceres
  • Blair Bateson, Director, Company Network, Ceres
  • Siobhan Collins, Director, Company Network, Ceres
  • Giselle Hancock, Director, Company Network, Ceres
  • Richa Agarwal, Manager, Company Network, Ceres
  • Margaret Fleming, Manager, Company Network, Ceres
  • Vivian Melody, Communications Manager, Networks, Ceres
  • Alex Wilson, Digital Manager, Marketing, Ceres

Ceres also wishes to extend special thanks to those listed below that contributed support, insightful feedback and guidance in the development of the Ceres Roadmap 360º.

The Ceres Roadmap 360º website was developed by Brew Digital and was funded in part by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.

The opinions expressed in the Ceres Roadmap 360º are those of Ceres and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of our sponsors, reviewers or member organizations. Ceres does not endorse any of the organizations used as examples or otherwise referenced in the tool.

Ceres Roadmap 360° Contributors

  • Ashby Remley, Clean Energy Buyers Association
  • Sarah Beaubien, Clif Bar
  • Kendra Martz, Construction Specialties
  • Courtney Kauzens, Dell
  • Carli Yoro, Emerald Cities Collaborative
  • Rhiddhima Sharma, Good Jobs Institute
  • Amanda Silver, Good Jobs Institute
  • Kelsa Summer Roidt, Habitus
  • Narissa Turner, Habitus
  • Zeina Eyceoz, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility
  • Jocelyn Corbett, PolicyLink
  • Mahlet Getachew, PolicyLink